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What You’ll Learn

Technical Skills

  • Corporate finance
  • Accounting
  • Financial modeling
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Technical analysis
  • Leveraged buyout modeling
  • Mergers & acquisitions analysis
  • Excel
  • Reading SEC filings

How To Create Professional Investment Reports

Advanced Skills

  • Analyze companies from multiple perspectives
  • Assess company situations, identify issues and create solutions
  • Build client-ready pitchbooks from scratch
  • Writing an effective resume
  • Interview skills

Our Analyst Training Courses

Choose the right course fit for your finance career:

Investment Analyst

For Careers in Hedge Funds, Equity Research or Asset Management.
Course Overview

This course will teach you the technical and soft skills to analyze stocks like a professional and how to create your own investment reports.

Learning Objective

Develop a strong fundamental knowledge of account, Excel, financial modeling, chart analysis and investment process required to work as a research or investment analyst.

The Outcome

Be ready to provide investment recommendations and perform company due-diligence with industry analysis with minimal guidance.

Curriculum & Tuition
Course Module – Technical Training Self-Study Hours Review Sessions
Business Fundamentals 3
Financial Modeling 8
Corporate Valuation 5
Technical Analysis 2
Case Study – Practical Application
Company Valuation Case 15 1
Hands-On Experience
Pitchbook 15 1
Professional Development
Building Your Resume / Interview Prep 2 1
Total 50 3
Tuition $650
Early Enrollment Tuition -15% Discount $553

Investment Banking

For Careers in Investment Banking, Private Equity or Corporate Development.
Course Overview

Learn the technical modeling skills and high-level thought process of acquiring and selling companies. In addition, the course emphasizes high level critical thinking required to solve problems for clients, including raising capital, debt, equity financing, M&A and LBO transactions.

Learning Objective

Understand the thought process behind LBO transactions while learning financial modeling complexities. Develop a strong understanding of the role of an investment banking analyst. Identify issues within the project and apply critical thinking and the correct skills to solve problems.

The Outcome

Understand client situations, deal complexities and learn how to apply financial modeling and presentation skills to develop client-ready products.

Curriculum & Tuition
Course Module – Technical Training Self-Study Hours Review Sessions
Business Fundamentals 3
Financial Modeling 8
Corporate Valuation 5
Leveraged Buyout Modeling 6
Mergers & Acquisitions Modeling 6
Case Study – Practical Application
Company Valuation Case 15
Strategic Consideration Analysis 2
Leveraged Buyout – Private Equity 6 1
Hands-On Experience
Pitchbook 15 1
Professional Development
Building Your Resume / Interview Prep 2 1
Total 68 3
Tuition $895
Early Enrollment Tuition -15% Discount $761

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Our Training Process

Phase 1: Technical Finance Skills

During this phase, you will develop core technical skills with a foundation in corporate finance, accounting, financial modeling, valuation, leveraged buyout, and mergers & acquisitions analysis.

Phase 2: Case Study Method

During this phase, you will work on case studies designed to teach you how to analyze companies from multiple perspectives. You'll learn to assess situations, identify issues and create solutions to improve companies.

Phase 3: Practical Hands-On Experience

Implement your newly gained skills by creating an investment pitchbook from scratch. This exercise will require students to demonstrate high-level situation assessment while applying the right technical and soft skills to create a professional client-ready product.

Phase 4: Professional Development

In this phase, you’ll learn how to brand yourself to land your dream job. We provide guidelines and the principals to building an effective resume to help you stand out. In addition, we provide you with our interview prep course designed to help you better prepare for interviews and answer questions with a high degree of confidence.

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Meet Your Instructor And Our Founder

“I love sharing my knowledge by teaching and helping junior professionals and students achieve their potential.”

Luis Romero

Mr. Romero has over a decade of professional finance experience. He is the principal and founder of Romero Capital, a long/short family equity fund. Before this, he conducted financial training programs for corporate and individual clients across the U.S. and the world.

He was an equity analyst at Seven Points Capital and began his career at Credit Suisse as a Mergers & Acquisitions analyst in New York where he acquired deal experience in the technology, industrial and health care industries. He has also worked with start-ups in the food & beverage and education sectors.

Mr. Romero graduated from Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business with a B.B.A. in Finance and minor in philosophy.

  • Over a decade of Professional Experience
  • Eight Years Designing and Executing Financial Training Programs
  • Over 500 Finance Professionals and University Students Mentored
  • Former Hedge Fund Analyst and Trader
  • Former Mergers & Acquisitions Investment Banking Analyst


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is This Course For?

  • College students and professionals
  • Those looking to acquire the core technical and soft skills professionals on Wall Street implement on the job
  • Anyone who want a career transition into finance
  • For entrepreneurs aiming to gain practical experience to build successful businesses
  • Anyone looking to learn financial modeling, company valuation and stock analysis skills

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Intellectually curious individuals who have demonstrated leadership qualities
  • Visionaries who want to learn the business principles of success
  • Those who possess strong work ethic
  • Individuals with the drive to succeed as evidenced by academic achievement and/or professional experience