Business Essentials Program

Take your understanding of business and finance concepts to the
next level

Quality education in this space is hard to come by. If you’re pursuing a career in finance, starting a new business, or simply looking to expand your skillset, you will need to have the essentials down.

Business Essentials Program

The Most Comprehensive Self-Study Course on Wall Street

Our program is comprised of training lectures, technical assignments, investment case studies and interview and resume workshops. It is a comprehensive program for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in business, investing, and the inner workings of the finance industry.

Program At-A-Glance
3 Real-Life
Case Studies
74 Training
4 Weeks Average
Completion Time
Weekly Stock
Analysis Workshops
$120k The average starting salary for our IB and Consulting Analyst Alumni
Gain access to elite
training in
financial statements modeling
company valuation
AMAZON Investment Case
EBAY Leveraged Buyout Case

Who Is The Program For?

  • Students and individuals pursuing careers in finance
  • Retail investors looking to expand their toolkit and understanding of the businesses in which they invest
  • Entrepreneurs eager to learn how to systematically value their business and forecast its future
  • Anyone interested in the world of finance and looking to build their technical skills

Program Overview

The Business Essentials Program contains track-tested and comprehensive curriculum to ensure that you gain a firm grasp on the fundamentals. Through self-study of its training lectures and numerous case studies, we guarantee you’ll become a better financial and business professional.


  • Model and forecast business financials
  • Value companies with a variety of methodologies employed by Wall Street professionals
  • Learn the process of acquiring a business with leverage
  • Understand the concepts behind a merger or acquisition of companies
  • Apply these learned skills to real companies in real time
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Program Curriculum

18 Modules. 21 Chapters. 65 Lectures. 74 hours.

Our mission is to educate and prepare students for the competitive world of finance on Wall Street

Meet Your Instructor and Our Founder

Our mission is to build the most technically skilled investing community to narrow the inequality gap in education.

Luis Romero

Mr. Romero has over a decade of professional finance experience. Prior to founding Romero Capital, a long/short equity fund, he served as senior instructor at the New York School of Finance and conducted financial training programs for corporate and individual clients across the U.S., Canada, and Germany.

Prior to his teaching career, Mr. Romero was an equity analyst and trader at Seven Points Capital, where he executed long and short equity strategies. He began his career at Credit Suisse as a Mergers & Acquisitions analyst in New York, where he acquired deal experience in the technology, industrial, and health care industries. He has also worked with start-ups in the food & beverage and education sectors.

Mr. Romero’s passion for teaching led him to found Romero Mentoring in 2016. He currently serves as head mentor and instructor and is educating the next generation of investment analysts. Mr. Romero holds a B.B.A. in Finance and Investments with a minor in Philosophy from Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business.

  • Over a decade of professional finance and teaching experience
  • Eight years designing and executing financial training programs
  • Mentored over 700 university students and finance professionals
  • Former hedge fund analyst and trader
  • Former M&A investment banking analyst

Professional Experience

Bank of America Credit Suisse Citi Group Seven Points Romero Capital Romero Mentoring
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Learn all the technical skills needed in finance in the most comprehensive program out there!
Business Essentials Program
  • 3 Real-life case studies
  • 70 Training Hours, 18 Modules
  • Resume & Interview Prep
  • Careers in Finance
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Excel Training
  • Financial Statements Modeling
  • Company Valuation
  • Leveraged Buyout Modeling
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Modeling
Plus Access To:
  • Weekly Stock Analysis Workshops
  • Training platform
  • Amazon Case Study
  • Ebay LBO Case Study