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We understand the stress students experience when competing for careers in finance. We are professionals who have navigated the industry successfully and are here to help you. We provide equal opportunities to students of any background. The one-on-one mentorship, in-depth technical skills, and real-world finance internship experience, along with our network of program alumni will help leverage your professional skills and accelerate your business career.

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Career Programs

If you come from a non-target school, don't have access to an affluent network, or don’t have exceptional technical skills, your career in finance is highly jeopardized.
For High School Students

Junior Analyst Program

Only 1.4% of students entering college make it to a top 20 university. We know what it takes to get there. Our students & mentors have attended these institutions & have paved the way for your next step forward.


Analyst Prep Program

Each year, only 4.9% of 55,000 applicants receive a full-time Investment Banking offer. 90% of Analyst Prep Program alumni secure those positions.


Associate Program

Each year, 10% of 54,000 applicants are accepted into the top 10 MBA programs. After paying ~$137K in tuition, students still lack the in-depth technical skills and professional experience. This program helps overcome that.

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The Romero Mentoring Experience

A first-of-its-kind online learning dashboard with community features. Designed and developed based on the feedback from our students and alumni.

Analyst Professionals To Network With


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Gain Access to a Strong, Growing Community of Students and Professionals

Broaden your network – Our students attend universities all throughout the nation
Our alumni network of professionals are working at top financial firms

Our Business
Essentials Programs

Consider these mandatory training for all business majors or anyone interested in business or finance and don’t know where to start.

Finance Success Track

The first-of-its-kind tuition-free and competitive training and development program that introduces students to careers in finance. Students not only receive technical and soft skills training but can also explore career opportunities in the finance industry. This program is free for outstanding students on a limited basis.

FOR Everyone

Business & Analyst Essentials Program

20% of college students who major in business do so because it is considered "safe" but have no clue of the skills and knowledge required in the professional world. This program will give you access to the the world of finance and investing with high-level business education taught in MBA programs.

Our Stock
Investing Club

We conduct investment research that utilizes fundamentals and technical analysis and teach you how to do the same. Join the club with our free 7-day trial membership.

Master Investing in the Stock Market and Develop Core Investing Skills and Disciplines with an Experienced Professional

This is designed to teach you investing concepts and principles that will improve your stock selection skills and investment performance. You will develop a solid foundation and the confidence you need to become a successful stock investor.
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