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The total cost of hiring an employee is 33% of their annual salary. Employers lose between 30% - 60% in lost productivity because of the time (1 – 2 years) it takes new hires to be 100% fully functional.

Our Certification


1 – 2 Years1
Time it takes an employee to be fully productive
Our Certification


$24,000 – $42,000 2
Unrealized productivity cost per employee

With Romero Mentoring, your talent will be more efficient and faster at completing tasks

Our Certification Will Increase Your Employee Productivity

Ensure that your interns and new hires are certified and properly trained for their new job functions.

19 Modules. 47 Chapters. 136 Lectures. 194 hours.
Certified investment banking career Program

Our certification program is designed to equip your talent with the necessary professional skills needed to become top performers on the job. Our goal is to help your talent become first-rate professionals to save your team time and money.

  • Total professional training hours: 108
  • Total assignment & work hours: 86
  • Total program hours: 194
  • Duration: 15 Weeks
Our Programs
  • Analyst Prep Program
  • Associate Program
  • Business & Analyst Essentials
Our Certification

Benefits Employers Receive From Our Programs

Save time and money: Gain skilled junior talent who are equipped with the skills needed to be high-performing professionals from day one.
What will interns or new hires be able to do?

Talent will be able to perform tasks like seasoned professionals. For example; build a standard management presentation that includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Strategic recommendations
  • 10-year financial model projections
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Comparable analysis
  • Shares repurchase model
  • Leveraged buyout analysis
  • Mergers & acquisitions model
  • Industry trends analysis
  • Investment research
  • Perform industry research
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Our Certification Our Certification

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