Analyst Prep Program
Investment Banking Career Program For College Students

Analyst Prep Program

240 students already enrolled

Take your education to the next level with one-on-one mentoring, technical training, and a hands-on finance internship. The Analyst Prep Program is designed for students pursuing careers in investment banking, equity research, trading, private equity or at hedge funds.

Program Details


Winter 2022
Summer 2022


15 Weeks (194 hours)


Alumni average starting salary: $120k (IB & Consulting)

Our Successful 3-Phase Process



Financial Modeling & Career Development



One-on-one Mentoring & Case Studies



Finance Internship Experience Like No Other

4.7% Program Acceptance Rate

Program Overview

Exceptional experience through training, finance internship, mentorship and networking to expedite your success

We teach highly motivated and competitive college students the technical and soft skills not taught in a college classroom. Students learn practical skills that investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity & consulting firms look for in a candidate. Our students begin with little to no technical skills and develop into fully prepared professionals who can perform as first-year analysts at their finance internship.

Skills You Will Gain:
Financial Modeling Corporate Valuation Technical Analysis leveraged buyout modeling mergers & Acquisitions interview prep & Resume Building dcf analysis pitch deck building

Each year, only 4.9% of 55,000 applicants receive a full-time Investment Banking offer.

90% of Analyst Prep Program alumni secure those positions.

Program Benefits

Our program scored a 97% satisfaction rate from our students.

In-Depth Technical Training

Dedicated One-on-One Mentoring

Equity Research & Hedge Fund Internship

Accelerate Your Career Development

Analyst Prep Certification

4.7% Program Acceptance Rate
4.7% Program Acceptance Rate

Program Curriculum

19 Modules. 47 Chapters. 136 Lectures. 194 hours.

Gain Access to a Strong, Growing Community of Students and Professionals

Broaden your network – Our students attend universities all throughout the nation
Our alumni network of professionals are working at top financial firms
For undergraduate students looking for Wall Street careers in

Investment Banking

If you have a passion for deal-making and investment banking, our program will prepare you for this career path. You will learn the financial modeling, corporate valuation, and soft skills necessary for the analyst role.

Equity Research & Trading

If you have a passion for the stock market, equity research or trading, this might be for you. Research analysts develop and communicate stock investment ideas. Learn how to forecast company earnings and predict stock prices.

Private Equity & Hedge Funds

If you have a passion for investing and learning about company operations, a career in asset management could be right for you. Our program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to enter the asset management world of Private Equity and Hedge Funds.

Who should apply

Outstanding students who

  • Have strong academic track records
  • Are currently pursuing careers in investment banking, equity research, trading or asset management including private equity and hedge funds
International students are encouraged to apply.

Who we look for

We target undergraduate students who

  • Have demonstrated academic achievements, leadership and teamwork
  • Are active members on campus and in their communities

What successful candidates display

  • Leadership qualities, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to thrive in team environments
  • A drive to succeed as evidenced by academic achievement, professional experiences, and campus involvement
  • Business acumen, attention to detail, and comfort with quantitative concepts (for business internships)
  • Professionalism, maturity, and strong communication skills
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving capabilities
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Meet Your Instructor and Our Founder

Our mission is to build the most technically skilled investing community to narrow the inequality gap in education.

Luis Romero

Mr. Romero has over a decade of professional finance experience. Prior to founding Romero Capital, a long/short equity fund, he served as senior instructor at the New York School of Finance and conducted financial training programs for corporate and individual clients across the U.S., Canada, and Germany.

Prior to his teaching career, Mr. Romero was an equity analyst and trader at Seven Points Capital, where he executed long and short equity strategies. He began his career at Credit Suisse as a Mergers & Acquisitions analyst in New York, where he acquired deal experience in the technology, industrial, and health care industries. He has also worked with start-ups in the food & beverage and education sectors.

Mr. Romero’s passion for teaching led him to found Romero Mentoring in 2016. He currently serves as head mentor and instructor and is educating the next generation of investment analysts. Mr. Romero holds a B.B.A. in Finance and Investments with a minor in Philosophy from Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business.

  • Over a decade of professional finance and teaching experience
  • Eight years designing and executing financial training programs
  • Mentored over 700 university students and finance professionals
  • Former hedge fund analyst and trader
  • Former M&A investment banking analyst

Professional Experience

Bank of America Credit Suisse Citi Group Seven Points Romero Capital Romero Mentoring

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Satisfaction Rate From Our Students


Median GPA Of Our Students


Acceptance Rate Into Our Program


Alumni Average Starting Salary

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Why Students Choose Romero Mentoring

Have a mentor Dedicated to your success

Your instructor for the Analyst Prep Program has over a decade of professional finance experience. Learn the ins and outs of Wall Street and its techniques.

Access To A Growing Community Of Finance Students and Professionals

The Romero Mentoring community is constantly growing, with new students eager to begin their finance careers joining every day. You will receive access to our community and network of peers and alumni professionals.

Gain the competitive edge towards a six-figure finance career

Each year, only 4.9% of 55,000 applicants receive a full-time Investment Banking offer. 90% of Analyst Prep Program alumni secure those positions. Their average starting salary is $120,000.

Online Training &
finance Internship

Immerse yourself into the world of finance from the comfort of your home. Our online training and finance internship is an experience unlike any other.

No, all majors are welcome and encouraged to apply. The skills gained in our program are transferable skills applicable to any career path.

Our program is competitive and although we have no strict GPA requirements, our current members have GPAs in the range of 3.6-4.0.

Yes, but it’s important to understand that 80% of students in our program are freshmen and sophomores. With no prior training or internship experience juniors and seniors are at a competitive disadvantage

Our unique program provides a transformative experience not found anywhere else. We provide a world-class training program designed with real-world practical application to accelerate your learning. In addition, you receive 1-on-1 mentoring, career development and an internship that provides a high level of responsibilities to start your career. Above all, you will connect with our professional alumni community to expand your network.

Our training program covers soft and technical skills designed with on-the-job application. You will receive training in building pitch books, financial modeling, corporate valuation, technical analysis, leveraged buyout and mergers & acquisitions modeling. In addition, you will work on case studies designed to emulate situations on the job.

We conduct our training online through our proprietary platform. Students receive access to the training modules and individual 1-on-1 review sessions. Training modules can be accessed at any time and as often as needed to master concepts and techniques discussed.

The training and internship lasts 15 weeks followed by on-going 1-on-1 mentorship and access to our platform, community of students and professional alumni network.

The internship is a rotational experience between investment banking, equity research, trading and asset management. The training and work experience you receive are similar to that of a full-time analyst working at a hedge fund, investment bank or at a bulge bracket firm. You will be working directly with our founder and Wall Street professional remotely or on-site.

There is a text book and training tuition associated with the program. The cost of the program is affordable and flexible for students who receive acceptance offers.

Yes! We offer scholarships to outstanding college students to help offset the program cost. Students who receive our scholarships have demonstrated academic achievements, leadership, teamwork and are active members on campus or in their communities.


  • Full-time students enrolled in a 4-year university program
  • Students who demonstrate leadership qualities
  • Minimum GPA: 3.30
  • Must complete the 3-round interview process