About The Program

The Finance Success Track is a 4‐week introduction to finance program comprised of training lectures, technical assignments, an investment case study and interview & resume workshops. It is a comprehensive program for undergraduate students to not only receive technical and soft skills training but also explore their career opportunities in the finance industry. This program is free to outstanding students on a limited basis and is a great introduction to Romero Mentoring and finance.

Program Curriculum


Technical Training

Week 1: Introduction to Finance – 1 Hour

Explore career opportunities in the finance industry: buy-side vs. sell-side

Week 2: Introduction to Financial Modeling – 3 Hours

Learn the basics of building a three-statement financial model

Week 3: Introduction to Valuation – 4 Hours

Learn how to value a public company by applying practical methodologies used on the job by professionals


Career Development

Week 4: Resume & interview Prep Lectures – 2 Hours

Learn how to self brand and prepare for upcoming interviews.

Week 4: Romero Mentoring Career Portal – 1 Hour

Advance to our career platform to secure internships and job opportunities

Week 4: Program Conclusion – 1 Hour

Program takeaways and next steps

Our Training Platform

Who Should Enroll?

Undergraduate students interested in careers in finance who are looking to learn more about career opportunities in the industry

  • Freshmen
  • Sophomores

Career Focus Areas:

  • Investment Banking
  • Equity Research
  • Private Equity
  • Hedge Funds

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