Stock Investing Club

Investing Club

Master investing in the Stock Market and develop core investing skills and disciplines with an experienced professional

This is designed to teach you investing concepts and principles that will improve your stock selection skills and investment performance. You will develop a solid foundation and the confidence you need to become a successful stock investor.

Your Program Membership Will Include

Stock Investing Course

10 training modules that will help you master the stock market

Romero Mentoring Education Portfolio

Gain access to our top stock picks and watch the execution of the strategies you’ve learned

Live Weekly Research Hours

Join your instructor and peers in live weekly market discussions

Romero Research Membership

Access exclusive independent equity research reports

Community Network

Be part of our growing community of like-minded students and professionals

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Did you know?

  • 80% of traders are unprofitable in their first year
  • 70% of traders will lose nearly all their money in the stock market
We’re here to change that and give you an edge

You will be instructed by one of the best in the industry, with over 15 years of experience in investment banking, hedge funds, and investing

What Club Members Get

Designed for High School and College Students, Professionals, First-Time Investors and Experienced Investors

Education Portfolio

View our investing club’s Education Portfolio stocks

Managed by our instructor, Luis Romero, the Education Portfolio is designed to teach you the application of investing principles and rule-based strategies to help you improve your stock investing skills. Mr. Romero and his team of trained analysts will illustrate the execution of the Alpha Stock investing strategy and give you their top picks to incorporate into your own portfolio.

Education Portfolio
Research Ideas

Professional Research at Your Fingertips

Access our Independent Equity Research Reports, written by our very own analysts

Each new report is spearheaded by an analyst who is an expert in the stock’s respective industry, and provides a price target recommendation reviewed by our portfolio manager, Luis Romero. Our reports utilize deep industry research, technical analysis, discounted cash flow modeling, comparable company analysis, and more to give you the most in-depth and accurate insight into the stock as possible! You will even be able to request your own stock picks to be analyzed and researched.

Stock Investing Community

A comprehensive course, 10 years in the making, designed so you can learn from the best and be the best.

After learning the ins and outs of the market, Luis set out to share his knowledge and help everyone attain financial freedom. The Stock Investing Course contains 15 hours of compact content to give you knowledge into:

  • Understanding the markets and investors’ sentiments
  • Finding the best stocks and analyzing them
  • Executing purchases like a professional to earn the highest profits with the proper risk management protocols

We’ve made sure to include everything you need, and none of what you don’t.

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Stock Investing Community

Live Research Hour Sessions

Club meetings where club members can ask to analyze their stock holdings live

Every week, you’ll have the opportunity to join Live Research Hour Sessions led by Luis Romero and the Romero Mentoring team. In here, you will:

  • Learn why the market is moving the way it is
  • Gain deep insight into where it’s headed next
  • See the real applications of the fundamentals you’ve learned in the training course
  • Have your portfolio holdings analyzed by Luis Romero himself!

Interact, ask questions, and realize your full potential with other like-minded investors.

Live Research Hours

Education Portfolio

Our 2020 Return: 76%

Investing Strategy

Alpha Growth Stock

S&P 500

2020 Return: 16%
Professionally trained and here to help you win
Luis Romero
Luis Romero
Jeffy Leung
Jeffy Leung
Erin Lee
Erin Lee
Michael Ganian
Michael Ganian
Aditya Shah
Aditya Shah
Nick Spivakov
Nick Spivakov
Learn the right technical skills to become a smarter investor. Choose the membership plan that works best for you
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Investing Analyst Essentials
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Membership Includes:
  • Stock Investing Course
    10 Modules, 15 Training Hours
Plus Access To:
  • Live Weekly Research Hours (via webinar)
  • Education Portfolio
  • Romero Research Investing Ideas
  • Community Newsfeed
Plus Additional Training Content:
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Financial Statements Modeling
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Amazon Investment Case
  • Domino’s Pizza Investment Case


Yes, our club has no pre-requisites. The training course will start from the basics and teach you the fundamentals. The Live Research Hour sessions will get you to an advanced level as you watch the applications of the core principles in action.

If you’re only interested in seeing the stock picks to add to your portfolio, that’s completely fine. However, we encourage you to pursue an understanding of the methodology behind the picks and to improve your abilities as an investor. In this way, you’ll be able to add value to the Romero Mentoring community, in the same way that it will bring value to you.

  • We offer a wide variety of benefits for our more advanced members. These include:
    • Detailed research reports compiled by an analyst who specializes in the company and industry
    • New stock picks that have been thoroughly analyzed and passed through strict criteria
    • The opportunity to have your own stock picks analyzed by our team
    • And more!

Our primary investing strategy is focused on Alpha Growth stocks, which have long-term potential and meet a strict set of criteria. We also occasionally employ an Event-Driven strategy to capture quick moves in the market. You will gain insight into both strategies in the Stock Investing course.

On average, the 15-hour curriculum takes new members two weeks to complete, but the lectures are pre-recorded and allow you to work at your own pace. Additionally, trading is a skill that is learned by active and consistent practice, and your training is never truly complete. Every year, you will be improving and becoming a more confident, knowledgeable investor.

Yes, the principles taught here are transferable to all areas of life. Trading requires you to learn discipline, focus, emotional control, and about yourself in order to succeed, which are fundamental traits to have when looking to master any new venture.

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