2. Financial Statements Modeling


Video Hours: 8 | Mentoring Session: 1

Financial Modeling is essential and the fundamental building block of analyzing a company in investment banking. The financial modeling training session will teach you how to build a financial model from scratch, blending accounting, finance and Excel skills.

Topics Covered

  • Financial statements overview
  • Modeling – best practices
  • Interpreting 10k & Management presentations
  • SEC filings
  • Income statement flows and projections
  • Earnings per share assumptions and diluted shares
  • Balance sheet projections and analysis
  • Cash flow construction & inflows and outflows
  • Working capital schedule and assumptions
  • Debt & interest pay down
  • Shareholder equity schedule
  • Assumptions / Forecasting
  • Building scenarios to your model
  • Troubleshooting your model
  • Circular reference
  • Proper links
  • Balance model exercise
  • Sensitivity analysis, EPS
  • Depreciation & Amortization schedule