3. Corporate Valuation


Video Hours: 5 | Mentoring Session: 1

The Corporate Valuation training explores common valuation techniques used by Wall Street analysts at bulge bracket banks. The training has been designed with “on the job” experience. The primary focus of the program is to teach participants the practical applications of theoretical methodologies. In our case study we will value the target company and determine whether it is over or undervalued by the market.

Topics Covered

  • Valuation methodologies and concepts
  • Building comparable company analysis
  • Choosing the appropriate set of comps
  • Key benefits & challenges
  • Source of public information
  • Calculating Equity & Enterprise value
  • Treasury stock method & calculating Last Twelve Months (LTM)
  • Adjustments: non-recurring items
  • Appropriate relevant trading / leverage multiples
  • Arriving to an implied valuation range
  • Spreading public comps
  • Precedent transaction / acquisition comparable
  • Analyzing multiples and control premium
  • Discounted Cash Flow methodology overview
  • Calculating WACC
  • Estimating terminal value (exit multiple vs. perpetuity growth rate)
  • Mid-year and year discounting method
  • Determining valuation range on DCF analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis