Careers in Finance


The world of finance is extremely competitive. While there are a wide variety of positions available, you’ll want to stand out from your peers to secure a role within the industry’s top firms. Our program equips students with the skills, knowledge and internship experience needed to advance their careers within financial services.

  • Investment Banking — A competitive and challenging field, yet a rewarding learning experience. In addition to learning financial modeling, corporate valuation and soft skills needed, our program will immerse you in the role of an investment banker. Learn how professionals advise businesses in mergers and acquisitions and raise capital for corporate clients. Gain access to mentoring and industry professionals who are invested in your success.
  • Equity Research, Sales & Trading — If you have a passion for the stock market, equity research or trading might be for you. Research analysts develop and communicate stock investment ideas. Learn how to forecast company earnings and predict stock prices. Traders apply both technical and fundamental analysis to execute trades for clients and firms across different asset classes such as equities, currencies, fixed income, or commodities.
  • Private Equity — In this highly competitive field, private equity firms engage in buyouts of public companies, invest in private companies to expand operations or restructure ownership. Through our program, you’ll be engaged in all aspects of potential investment opportunities similar to that in the role of a Private Equity associate.
  • Asset Management — Investing is complex and hedge fund professionals employ strategies across different asset classes to meet client ROI objectives. If you have a passion for investing, a career in asset management could be right for you. This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to formulate an investment thesis while performing the financial model analysis needed to enter the asset management world.

Our students work at

Jp Morgan
Wells Fargo