Phase 2. Case Studies


Video Hours: 26 | Mentoring Sessions: 3

The Case Study phase is designed to teach you how to analyze companies from multiple perspectives. You’ll learn to assess situations, identify issues and create solutions to improve companies. Each of the three case studies are grounded on practical application. With each case study you’ll have assignments to complete. You will schedule 1-on-1 review sessions after the completion of each case study.

Our Core Focus:

  • Learn to identify corporate clients’ financial and operational challenges
  • Learn what questions to ask and what to pay close attention to
  • What solutions can we arrive to and provide?
  • What technical skills and analysis can we apply to help the client?
  • The final product is a client-ready presentation created from scratch

Analyze from the following perspectives:

  • Investment Banking
  • Hedge Fund Analyst
  • Private Equity Associate
  • Consulting
  • CEO, Entrepreneur