Phase 3. Internship Experience


Total Work Hours: 75 | Mentoring Sessions: 5

Our internship experience provides students with a high-degree of responsibilities not found with other internships. Before you begin your internship, you’ll have received over 65 hours of training coupled with live 1-on-1 review sessions to prepare you for the complex tasks during your internship.

Project Responsibilities

  • Build dynamic financial statements models to structure transactions and perform company valuation
  • Prepare analyses on target capital structure, debt capacity and credit profile
  • Draft responses to request for proposals to counter parties
  • Create preliminary investment reports and present financial information
  • Meet project deadlines and submit deliverables

Project Review

You will work on projects with tight deadlines and the final deliverable product requires a high level of professional skill format. Whether it’s a strategic consideration presentation or a detailed investment memorandum, you will present your results to our team. During your live presentation session, you will be asked complex questions to help determine if your recommendation is the correct choice, given the situation. Presentations will be in live face-to-face, webcast format that can be conducted anywhere.

Internship Experience Laptop
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