Investment Banking Training Plus Internship Program
Investment Banking Training Plus Internship Program

Are you struggling to find a job or internship? Here’s why!

The Typical Candidate Problem. We mentored and trained hundreds of Wall Street professionals, and here are the challenges they faced early in their careers:

  • Lack of technical finance skills
  • No relevant finance or investing work experience
  • Poor resume format, weak interviewing skills, and no professional career coaching guidance
  • 65% of college graduates believe they are not prepared for a career.
  • 89% of employers believe college doesn’t prepare students for the workforce.
  • Master’s in Finance and MBA programs cost over $100,000, yet do not offer practical training and professional experience.

Our Solution

  • A 15-week fully immersive program. In just 15 weeks, you can become a world-class finance professional with our internship and Investment Banking Training Programs.

  • Who this program is for: Pre-MBA professionals, job seekers, and graduate and college students.

Program Introduction

VIEWING REQUIRED TO MOVE FORWARD: The program introduction video provides a detailed description of the investment banking training plus internship experience. If you are a candidate looking to learn professional analyst skills, gain relevant work experience, and become a top candidate, then you are in the right place.


  • 1. Program Overview: 0:00:00-0:16:00
  • 2. Career Mentoring & Coaching: 0:16:00-0:24:46
  • 3. Program Cost & ROI: 0:24:46-0:36:29
  • 4. Investment Strategy: 0:36:29-0:40:00
  • 5. Student Reviews & Benefits: 0:40:00-0:41:34

Next Steps

  • Watch the Program Introduction video above
  • Book your Round 1 – phone interview using the “Speak to an advisor” button below
  • Complete the Excel modeling assessment test (will receive after Round 1)