Brenden Johnson

Brenden Johnson

Northeastern University

Investment Banking Analyst

Stifel Financial Corp.

Overall Rating:
Career Development:

Review Date: Oct 8, 2019

Experience Prior To The Program

Prior to joining the Analyst Prep Program, I had completed one Co-op internship working in Brown Brothers Harriman’s Client Service Group (Fund Accounting & Custody). I knew that, for my next Co-op or internship, I wanted to pursue a more creative, dynamic and analytical role. My goal in joining the program was to gain the technical skills necessary to make this transition for my second Co-op.

Training Experience

I found the repetition and practice which the training incorporates to be very helpful to my overall learning and development in the program. The process of being able to watch Luis walk-through a concept or exercise on video and then complete the exercise on my own was a great way to reinforce what I was learning. Another helpful aspect of the training was the one-on-one interaction I had with Luis. Being able to ask questions and have discussions about projects, companies, or career goals with Luis has helped me tremendously over the past year.

Anecdotally, the LBO Module was extremely relevant and helpful to me at my second Co-op. Having an understanding of how an LBO works gave me a sound foundational knowledge to build on over the course of my Co-op.

The one-on-one access and genuine care Luis provides to his students is something that prospective members of the program would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Internship Experience

My internship experience was a great opportunity for me to put what I learned during the winter and spring training into action. Having the freedom to use the modeling, valuation and presentation skills I learned in the training to evaluate my own investment theses was a process which I really enjoyed. Later in my internship I had the opportunity to work on a handful of potential M&A transactions which was a great way for me to apply both the skills I learned from the Analyst Prep Program and my experience from my Co-op this past spring. I really enjoyed the conversations I got to have with Luis discussing our thoughts on these opportunities and his feedback was a valuable part of my learning on the job.


Working one-on-one with Luis from the beginning of my training through the end of my internship was extremely valuable to me. Luis was a great resource for learning the nuances of certain techniques taught in the training, understanding how to conceive of an attractive equity investment and how to approach my career going forward. The one-on-one access and genuine care Luis provides to his students is something that prospective members of the program would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Career Development

The program has been a great resource for my career development over the past year. The network of past and current mentees is a great resource which I have been able to tap in preparation for interviews and Luis has aided me greatly in pursuing options for next summer. After completing the program, I have a much stronger conviction than I had when entering the program of what it is I want to do long-term in my career.

Final Remarks

I have had a great experience in the program and would recommend it to any undergraduate student who is serious about a career in finance. The personalized approach which the program takes ensures that every student can capture value from the experience. Luis is a great teacher who really cares about his students and their success.