Joshua Prentice

Joshua Prentice

University of California, Los Angeles

Investment Banking Summer Analyst

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Overall Rating:
Career Development:

Review Date: Jul 27, 2020

Experience Prior To The Program

I had prior experience as a technology consultant and financial experience through student government at college and organizing financial debates in high school. I joined the Analyst Prep Program to increase my technical skills within finance as well as to further my professionalism.

Training Experience

The program’s training was very beneficial in teaching all the fundamentals: valuation, accounting, m&a, and LBO’s. It helped my career goals by giving me a foundation for a career in investment banking. Really understanding how different valuations work and how various financial metrics come together advanced my financial knowledge far beyond my peers.

I can say without a doubt that this internship helped propel my growth and accelerate my learning.

Internship Experience

The internship experience absolutely helped me transform into a young professional. There would be times where I would receive comments on a pitch, have to turn those comments quickly and efficiently, and present the pitch the next day. Times like those allowed me to maintain my cool under pressure and actually resulted in me producing my best work. It was also incredible to learn more throughout the internship, whether it was industry best practice or better design of my pitches.


The mentorship I received from Luis Romero was super helpful. He was always excited to hear how I was doing and always checked in on me and made sure I was understanding things. He also saw how much I love finance and investment banking and gave me a greater leadership role by helping him to start Romero Alpha.

Career Development

My career development was transformed over the past 8 months due to the Romero Program. I transformed into a young professional with experience and knowledge in finance. I now have the skills, confidence, and professionalism required to succeed in any role in finance. I can say without a doubt that this internship helped propel my growth and accelerate my learning.

Final Remarks

This program accelerated my growth in the finance industry and helped me develop into a financial leader at my campus. I have grown from someone with limited financial knowledge to a professional with an abundance of financial knowledge who is ready to tackle any given task. I would recommend to the highest degree that students apply for the program - it is revolutionary and career changing.