Montgomery Ngan

Montgomery Ngan

University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School

Business Analyst

McKinsey & Company

Overall Rating:
Career Development:

Review Date: Oct 13, 2019

Experience Prior To The Program

I was in my freshman summer when I joined the program and had no finance experience at the time. I had joined the program to learn more about finance as a profession as many of my friends at Wharton were planning on going into the field and joining internships. My goal for the program was to understand what kinds of skills were relevant to the profession as well as whether it was a profession I would be interested in pursuing.

Training Experience

The critical thinking skills I practised while assessing and pitching companies helped me gain a better understanding of a business’ fundamentals. The training experience enabled me to gain better business intuition and eventually led me to apply to a consulting company, which I plan on taking for my full-time job.

The one-on-one mentorship with Mr. Romero has been invaluable to me as he has been a constant source of advice to me throughout college.

Internship Experience

The internship experience enabled me to work directly with other driven college students who were great thought partners as I navigated through the job application process and figured out what industry I wanted to enter after school. The training experience prepared us well to properly model out our expectations for a company’s financials and create a well-crafted pitch based on it.


The one-on-one mentorship with Mr Romero has been invaluable to me as he has been a constant source of advice to me throughout college. Even two years after having finished the program, I’m still able to contact him about major life decisions concerning my future employment and ask for his advice on projects.

Career Development

The critical thinking and presentation skills I gained during the internship are very applicable to my current job as a consultant. Understanding the fundamentals of a company and also being able to pitch my case enables me to be more effective at my job.

Final Remarks

Joining the mentoring program enables you to meet a group of driven and amazing students who share the same goals as you do and are happy to help you achieve them. At the same time, the mentorship from Mr. Romero as well as the critical thinking you develop through the internship is extremely helpful even if you don't end up choosing finance as a career.