Nick Spivakov

Nick Spivakov

Northeastern University

Investment Banking Fall Analyst

Piper Sandler

Overall Rating:
Career Development:

Review Date: Jan 18, 2021

Experience Prior To The Program

Before joining Romero Mentoring I had a very superficial experience in finance. I was highly interested in deep and complicated finance; thus, I was attending a lot of events and lectures regarding the finance industry but still could not find anything where I could potentially learn both technical and fundamental analysis.

Training Experience

Every single element of the program is extremely valuable. During the program you will face real-time examples from the finance industry. I think it is an outstanding program for those who already have at least a small knowledge in finance. The pace in the program is very quick. You spend a decent amount of time learning the materials in order to apply them in the future. Since I started at Northeastern, I always wanted to become an Analyst of its prestigious Value Investing Club. To get there I needed to pass two interview rounds and both of them had a lot of technical finance questions and financial modeling. After completing the program I actually passed those interviews easily and received a letter of acceptance within a few days.

Mr. Romero cares about his students as nobody else.

Internship Experience

The internship is a great opportunity to test yourself and see how attentive you were during the program. The internship required good time management and strong financial quantitative knowledge. I really enjoyed the internship as I was able to apply every single skill I learned during the program to create professional investment presentations. Afterwards, due to Romero Education Fund, I’m developing my skills further and analyzing potential investments.


Mr. Romero cares about his students as nobody else. He will be on the call with a student until he sees if the student has a clear understanding of everything covered or anything that the student could have potentially asked. During the calls, Mr. Romero gives professional recommendations and thoughtfully advises on things that students are interested in or have questions about.

Career Development

This was extremely helpful. During this stage of the program, Mr. Romero helped me create a professional Investment Banking resume. Moreover, he discussed other professional aspects of the finance industry and helped me with finance interview questions. The thing that I really liked were the examples he provided from his own career.

Final Remarks

Many people think that investments and trading specifically are not that complicated but when they begin they face a lot of barriers and obstacles. Therefore, Romero Mentoring's program is a brilliant way to prepare yourself for the Wall Street world. This program will allow you to think and perform exactly how people do at big banks and Hedge Funds. However, be ready because the program requires a lot of time commitment and dedication.