APP Student Goes From $0 to $100k+; Career Path To Investment Banking and Private Equity

From Engineering Undergraduate Student to Investment Banking and Private Equity


Rahi Patel enrolled in our 2017 program as a rising junior from Princeton University. He was a engineering major pursuing a career in investment banking and private equity. Coming from a first-generation, low-income background, Rahi was at a disadvantage to those also pursuing careers in investment banking and private equity. Within 2 months of completing our program, Rahi had secured an incredible opportunity.

The Results

  • Rahi received an internship offer as a summer investment banking analyst at Barclays Capital in New York City focused on Technology M&A
  • He was able to leverage his summer experience and lateral to J.P. Morgan for a full-time role as an investment banking analyst in the Financial Institutions Group (FIG) working on M&A transactions in the banks sector
  • After his banking analyst program, Rahi joined Chicago Pacific Founders (CPF) as a private equity associate focusing on investments in healthcare services
  • Rahi is still working with Romero Mentoring as a mentor / advisor and is working toward pursuing a MBA degree starting in fall 2023

The Challenge

Rahi came from a first-generation, low-income background and was at a disadvantage to those also pursuing careers in investment banking and private equity. Furthermore, Rahi’s engineering background at Princeton made recruiting more challenging, as most undergraduate students who pursue careers in finance begin building their technical skills and knowledge in their freshman/sophomore year classes. Due to Princeton’s lack of a business school and traditional finance offering, Rahi realized he needed to fill the gap in his technical and soft skills ASAP and applied to Romero Mentoring’s APP.

The Process

Rahi completed our structured 196-hour training, mentoring, internship, and career development program.

  1. He received essential training in Excel and PowerPoint and gained a solid foundational base in accounting, valuation, and financial modeling that ultimately set him up for success in his investment banking role and future buyside interviews.
  2. We also taught Rahi our time-tested investment strategies rooted in fundamental analysis, as well as technical analysis skills to help him better identify investment opportunities.
  3. We also provided Rahi with career training and an internship, where he was given a high level of responsibilities to prepare him for his future professional endeavors. For example, during a GNC stock analysis case, Rahi completed a three-statement pro-forma operating model arising from a potential strategic financing transaction GNC could undertake to improve its capital structure. He then performed discounted cash flow analysis, comparable company analysis, and accretion/dilution analysis to formulate his own price target for GNC.

Rahi gained the same on-the-job skills that professionals take years to develop, giving him a tremendous competitive advantage in the field.

Rahi is now on the career express lane.

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