Romero Mentoring Student Goes From $0 to $100k+; Career In Asset Management

Commerce Major Analyst Prep Student Breaks Into Asset Management


Andrea Hoyas enrolled in our 2019 program as a rising sophomore from Dalhousie University in Canada. She was an international student majoring in Commerce and wanted to break into asset management and the investment industry. Andrea had a basic understanding about the world of finance and investment. She was looking for professional hands on experience and mentoring to support her career development and facilitate breaking into asset management. Securing an investment analyst role is highly competitive since most buy-side firms recruit experienced professionals with investment banking experience. With the help of our program she gained investment banking skills, hands on training, the right experience and 1-on-1 mentoring.

All of this gave her confidence and the competitive advantage to secure a full-time job offer as an Analyst at PSP Investments.

The Results

  • She acquired financial modeling and investment analysis experience which positioned her as a top candidate for fulltime recruiting.
  • After completing the Analyst Prep program, Andrea received a full-time offer as an investment analyst at PSP Investments in Canada.
  • She also secured an investment analyst role at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan with $247 Billion AUM.

The Challenge

Andrea was an international student with no professional experience in the world of finance and investment. She had no financial modeling, company valuation skills and no prior investing experience. Andrea also lacked confidence in her ability to pitch stocks during interviews because she was non-finance major. Later, Andrea enrolled in our program to develop investment banking skills, buy-side investing experience, and develop confidence through our internship.

The Transformation

In just 3 months Andrea had completed our 196-hour structured investment banking training, mentoring, internship, and career development program.

  1. Andrea completed assignments in financial modeling, pitch book presentations and valuation that were reviewed during live classes to ensure he fully understood the course material.
  2. She also learned investment strategies and developed a strong understanding of capital markets.
  3. She learned advanced Excel and PowerPoint skills and gained a solid foundational base in accounting, valuation, and financial modeling which prepared her for future interviews.
  4. Andrea also completed our internship, where she was tasked with performing investment analysis, building financial models and offering her recommendation.

By the end of the program Andrea had gained the same on-the-job skills professionals take years to develop, giving her a tremendous competitive advantage to break into asset management.

Andrea Testimonial

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