William Tang

William Tang

Harvard University

Fixed Income Summer Analyst

Morgan Stanley

Overall Rating:
Career Development:

Review Date: Oct 6, 2019

Experience Prior To The Program

I had some exposure to basic financial accounting across the 3 main financial statements and had seen a few stock pitches from an on campus finance club, but was still at the beginner level. I wanted to learn more about the financial industry and gain the skill set needed to perform company valuation, so I ended up applying and ultimately joining the Romero Mentoring program.

Training Experience

I really liked the step by step walkthroughs of how to build company valuation models in Excel that Mr. Romero led and provided online. He made sure that both the methodology and the way to technically implement it was clear to students before moving on. This type of in depth training was invaluable as I undertook different finance internships across Equity Research and Fixed Income.

The in depth training was invaluable as I undertook different finance internships across Equity Research and Fixed Income.

Internship Experience

The internship experience was a great way to put what was taught in training into action. It was very open ended, which allowed for creativity at analyzing the different companies and any press releases that came out. The internship experience also allowed for many opportunities to give stock pitches, a skill that any Wall Street banker needs to know how to do.


The mentorship was very helpful. From a career development standpoint, Mr. Romero would provide frank advice on matters that were happening as the general internship/job recruiting cycle went on, and he would often check in to see how the mentees were doing. He spends time with all members in strengthening their resumes and is always willing to help if he can.

Career Development

The program let me see firsthand what the job aspect of Investment Banking and Equity Research might be like full time. I felt really prepared going into my various finance internships, and honestly, even though I didn’t end up pursing Investment Banking, I felt that I knew more about it than many of my peers during the summer internships.

Final Remarks

The Romero Mentoring Program is an amazing way to jump start a career in finance on Wall Street or elsewhere. From a technical standpoint, the training is superb and will make those who complete it very competitive at getting the finance job they want. From a career development standpoint, you are introduced to a strong network of like minded peers who are all ambitious career-wise, but who are also kind to help when the need arises. This program is a phenomenal opportunity that should not be missed!