Alumni Chat Series: Breaking into Consulting (EY) with Devapriya Vadhera

Aaditya Shah

Breaking into Consulting (EY) with Devapriya Vadhera

Welcome to our Alumni Chat Series. This chat series is designed to address some of the burgeoning finance and investment banking industry questions that students may have and also provide valuable insights into the overall field from industry professionals.

In this segment, we speak with our Analyst Prep Program alum, Devapriya Vadhera. Devapriya is currently working at Ernst & Young as a Technology Risk Analyst after graduating from NYU Stern. Prior to joining EY as a full-time consultant, she worked in Advertising, Social-Impact Consulting, and Sales & Trading. Devapriya’s experience across industries helped her weed out options and commit full-time as a consultant. Consulting provides a great job structure and is more project-oriented unlike Advertising and Sales & Trading. As a consultant, her day is divided between client-meetings, documenting and analyzing the evidence, which their clients provide them with, and assisting the business development team. Through consulting, she developed key soft skills like time-management, organization, and communication.

Devapriya’s journey through recruiting helped her understand the importance of networking and focusing more on the quality of the conversations with each contact. She also recommends students to fully understand their job description, the exit opportunities, and company culture instead of going for status and other external factors. Additionally, Devapriya advises students to get hands-on experience in Excel and coding while simultaneously learning about taxes, credit scores, and other life-skills. Romero Mentoring helped her gain a competitive advantage over other applicants and colleagues as she was able to hone her Excel, financial modeling, presentation, and communication skills before entering the consulting industry.

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About the Author

Aaditya Shah

Aaditya Shah is an undergraduate student at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School with a double major in economics and finance. He currently serves as a Private Equity Analyst intern at Decatur Road Capital, an Equity Research Analyst intern at Romero Research and community leader at Romero Mentoring. On campus, Aaditya is involved in multiple student club organizations including Emory Entrepreneurship, Venture Management Club and Emory Economic Society. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching basketball, cooking, and traveling. Aaditya is an Analyst Prep Program, 2020 alum.