Alumni Chat Series: Breaking into Investment Banking (BNP Paribas) with Julio Contreras

Aaditya Shah

Alumni Chat Series: Breaking into Investment Banking (BNP Paribas) with Julio Contreras

Welcome to our Alumni Chat Series. This chat series is designed to address some of the burgeoning finance and investment banking industry questions that students may have and also provide valuable insights into the overall field from industry professionals.

In this segment, we have with us, Julio Contreras. Julio was born and raised in Venezuela and moved to the US at 15 years of age. Double majoring in Economics and Finance at Florida International University, Julio has worked at Santander International Bank as a Private Banking intern and is also an alumnus of the Romero Mentoring Analyst Prep Program.

Julio is currently an incoming Summer Analyst at BNP Paribas and will be joining their Global Credit Markets Division. His interview process at BNP Paribas started with a first round phone call and was followed by a super-day, which included a series of technical and behavioral questions.

To better prepare him for his interview, Julio did his due diligence for BNP Paribas by researching company websites and related news, got mentally accustomed to speaking with a high-profile senior banker, and received advice from Mr. Luis Romero (Founder of Romero Mentoring).

Julio owes a huge part of his success to the projects assigned to him at Romero Research. The projects allowed him to foster his creative brain, advance his technical skills, and improve his communication and presentation skills. Funding the entire program by himself, Julio thinks that the ROI was tremendous as the technical skills and knowledge he developed through Romero Mentoring really helped him secure his internship at BNP Paribas and paved the way for his future endeavors.

Julio advises incoming freshmen and sophomores to always maintain their curiousness, become a voracious reader, and continue learning.

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Aaditya Shah

Aaditya Shah is a full-time Portfolio Valuation Analyst at Houlihan Lokey. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Emory University. Aaditya completed the Analyst Prep program in 2020.