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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in finance as an investment banker? And how it would feel to enjoy the many upside opportunities the career field brings? Many have tried to break into this highly competitive industry in pursuit of its hundred-thousand-dollar salaries. But it’s challenging, and most candidates get rejected from the industry. Here’s a list of common reasons why: You didn’t attend a target Ivy League school, don’t possess the right technical and soft skills, don’t have relevant work experience, are lacking a work visa, or maybe just started your journey late. And there are so many other potential reasons than just these.

Here’s your chance to break into the industry if you are a working professional or senior college student. Consider applying and committing to being part of our Investment Banking Career Mentorship Program. Passing on this opportunity means risking your future career.

Topics of Discussion

  • An Overview of the Program
  • The Experience Itself
  • Client Case Studies
  • The Cost of the Program

What is the Investment Banking Career Mentorship Program?

The mentorship program consists of 194 hours of learning in a structured format that takes approximately 15 weeks to complete. Candidates in our program experience what it’s really like to be an investment banker, equity research analyst, hedge fund analyst, and private equity analyst. 

The program is divided into four (4) phases that include:

1. Sell-Side Investment Banking Training

2. Buy-Side Investment Analyst Training

3. Relevant Internship Experience

4. Rebranding, Resume, and Application Strategies

Our investment banking certification program has successfully placed over 300 alumni at leading fintech companies and top firms like Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and many others.

What is the Program Experience Like?

The program takes place 100% online. As a student in the program, you’ll receive exclusive access to our comprehensive training platform, robust and vibrant professional community, and live weekly training and mentoring webinars.

We have developed a proven, results-driven formula for success after working with hundreds (700+) of college students/professionals and conducting more than 15,000 hours of mentoring sessions.

Phase 1: Sell-Side Investment Banking Training: During the first phase of the program, students go through a standard investment banking training program. They build the base of their knowledge and are exposed to accounting concepts, Microsoft Excel, financial modeling, corporate valuation, and transaction-based financial models.

Phase 2: Buy-Side Investment Analyst Training: During the second phase of the program, students complete an in-depth investment analysis training using case studies. They utilize the skills they’ve acquired in Phase 1 to generate models of real companies and scenarios. These case studies work to round out their knowledge and prepare them for a final, pre-internship project where they are expected to do everything on their own (without any video training lectures).

Phase 3: Relevant Internship Experience: During the third phase of the program, students receive relevant field experience and use the skills they’ve gained thus far to initiate research on new companies from start to finish. At this point, they can typically understand the company, its industry, its financials, and current drivers and trends, as well as formulate a solid investment thesis and price target. The final product is an investment presentation or equity research report.

Phase 4: Rebranding, Resume, and Application Strategies: During the last phase of the program, students are taught how to prepare for upcoming interviews, create a professionally formatted finance resume, and develop a highly effective job application strategy.

Mentoring: Students are also given the option to book one-on-one mentoring sessions with Career Mentors who assist them with each phase of the program experience.

Analyst Prep Program Certification

Our certification program is designed to equip students with the necessary professional skills needed to become top performers on the job. Our goal is to help you become a first-rate professional who can successfully pursue and navigate a six-figure career, thereby dramatically increasing your future earnings potential. From day one on the job, you’ll be able to perform like the MVP you are.

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What Kind of Career Opportunities Will This Open Up?

Completing our program certification will provide you with the opportunity to pursue multiple lucrative career paths in finance that each have six-figure starting salaries.

Here’s a breakdown of the career paths that will open up to you after you become certified. Note that starting salaries are dependent on the firm that hires you.

Career FieldJob TitlesAverage Starting Salary
Corporate DevelopmentBizOps or Financial AnalystBase: $83k | Bonus: Varies From Company to Company Total Compensation: $83k – $110k
Investment BankingFirst-Year Investment Banking Analyst or AssociateBase: $85k | Bonus: $20k – $40kTotal Compensation: $105k – $125k+
Hedge FundsFirst-Year Investment Analyst or Investment AssociateBase: $100k – $150k | Bonus: Varies, Based on Fund Performance Total Compensation: $100k – $600k: Varies, Based on Fund Performance
Private EquityPrivate Equity Analyst or AssociateBase: $100k – $150k | Bonus: Varies, Based on Fund Performance Total Compensation: $100k – $200k: Varies, Based on Fund Performance
Real Estate Investment FundsReal Estate Investment Analyst or AssociateBase: $80k – $100k | Bonus: Varies, Based on Fund Performance Total Compensation: $80k – $150k: Varies, Based on Fund Performance
Asset ManagementEquity Research Analyst or Investment AnalystBase: $85k | Bonus: $20k – $40kTotal Compensation: $105k – $125k
ConsultingBusiness AnalystBase: $85k | Bonus: $20k – 40kTotal Compensation: $105k – $125k

Considering opportunities in operations and/or the middle office may be advantageous as well. Then you’ll be able to network your way into front office positions after staffers within your target group witness your analyst skills.

Entrepreneurship/Startups: You’ll also be able to apply to opportunities at top VC-backed startups because of all your newly acquired professional skills.

Alumni Case Studies

Reading through the stories and testimonials of prior students will show you the real-life impact our program has had on their professional development. Below are just a few of our alumni success stories.

Joshua Prentice enrolled in our 2020 program as a freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles. After completing our program, he received a summer internship offer at Oaktree Capital Management. Joshua sums up his program experience in one striking sentence:

“I can say without a doubt that this internship helped propel my growth and accelerate my learning.”

Helen Chen enrolled in our 2020 program as a freshman at Duke University. During her program experience, she took part in multiple interviews with top-tier investment banking firms. The training and one-on-one mentoring she received at Romero prepared her for the intense interview process and she performed well. Helen received a finance internship offer from Rothschild & Co. as an investment banking summer intern. Here she talks favorably about her program experience at Romero Mentoring:

The one-on-one mentorship was probably my favorite part of the program. During the one-on-one sessions with Mr. Romero, I could ask questions about the training material, get feedback on my work, and get advice on my own finance journey.”

Adam Kaplan enrolled in our 2017 program as a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park. While completing his analyst training, Adam lined up multiple investment banking interviews. The training and mentoring he received from Romero Mentoring helped him secure a summer internship offer at Stifel Financial as an investment banking summer analyst. Upon graduation, Adam joined KPMG full-time as a valuation associate. He is now a full-time investment banking analyst at Berkshire Global Advisors. Adam says this about his program experience:

I attribute every internship and full-time job I have received to this program. Understanding what I do now, I know the university I went to does not teach students the information necessary to be successful in finance in the real world.  Without this program, I would not have the technical skills or professionalism that I’ve gained.

Montgomery Ngan enrolled in our 2017 program as a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School of Business. After completing the program, he received an internship offer at McKinsey & Company as a summer business analyst. He later joined McKinsey as a full-time business analyst after graduation. Montgomery sums up his program experience below:

The one-on-one mentorship with Mr. Romero has been invaluable to me as he has been a constant source of advice to me throughout college.”

Program Cost

Prepare to spend less at least 7% of your annual first salary. Sounds like a lot? Take a finance professional perspective. If you average a yearly salary of $100,000 over five years, the total earnings is $500,000. You are investing 1.5%, or less than 2%, to improve your career earnings potential by millions into the future. The opportunity cost is just too great to pass on this kind of opportunity.

The program is a life-changing event, and you must consider this carefully. It would help if you had discipline, a relentless attitude to success, a strong work ethic, and the ability to manage your schedule. These are the essential characteristics displayed by our top students. Find out what mysterious a career in finance or investments holds for you.

Program Requirements

  • A desire to work in finance
  • A desire to improve your technical skills
  • A minimum GPA of 3.30
  • The completion of a financial modeling entry test

Note that both professionals with less than three years of experience and senior-level university students are welcome to apply to the program. All majors are accepted.

Program Benefits

  • Career opportunities with $100K+ salaries
  • Comprehensive technical skills training
  • $0 upfront cost (it’s free to learn!)
  • A deferred payment structure
  • A mutual interest in program participants achieving success
  • A robust and connected network boasting 300+ alumni
  • Knowledgeable and helpful career mentors
  • Rotational, hands-on experience
  • World-class training that will prepare you for real life

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Since 2016, Romero Mentoring investment banking training programs have been delivering career mentoring to job seekers, professionals, and college students pursuing careers in finance. We’ve helped over 500 students start their careers on Wall Street through our Analyst Prep and Associate Investment Banking Training Programs. Our graduates work at top-bulge bracket banks and consulting firms, including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, McKinsey, and many more.

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